Thursday 23 April 2015

We are young, youthful, and eager to change the 'status quo' of this country! This requires bold thoughts, initiative and drive.
Our vision is to enable every human being is connected to another by means of love, emotions, share laughs, and be filled with magical moments. Our mission is to have a society where no person is 'lonely'.
We have had worked for big Fortune 100 corporations, and then bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, like any other start-up folks.
Being together and sharing love with another person is a basic need of every human being.
We have a lean and mean setup to provide the features that is needed and aggressively working to remove those that aren't needed.
We also pondered over the existing tools in the country for 'dating', 'marriage', we want to make it accessible for everyone for free.
We don't want to run complicated algorithms, formula like others, we believe that every individual has a capacity to seek, listen, understand another individual and see whether they are suitable for their need at a moment in their life.
Life's moments are beautiful, and varied at different ages, times in your life–we desire to share those moments with another person through love.